What would be your best personal safety products?

May 17, 2017 at 5:03 pm

What would be your best personal safety products?


In today’s society there is a lot of emphasis on personal safety especially with attacks against the person rising steadily. As well as discussing what can sway an attacker without causing them the same level of injury they might well have wished to cause you.



Personal Safety Alarms


A personal safety alarm is a device which can be concealed about your person or kept in a handbag or shoulder bag. The purpose of a personal safety alarm is to emit a temporarily debilitating high pitch sound that can render your attacker disorientated long enough for you to make your escape.


These alarms can be small enough to fit onto a key ring or large enough to fit into your bag but still be easy enough to conceal. Keychain personal alarms are great for walking, running, hiking, biking or traveling.


A personal safety alarm can emit a sound of anything up to one hundred and twenty decibels which – when emitted unexpectedly – can disorientate a suspect long enough for you to make a suitable escape.


The basic premise of these personal alarms is that this sound and shrill sound attacks the aural centre – which controls balance – and sends your would-be attacker off balance and also renders them temporarily deaf.



Personal Protection Sprays


Personal protection sprays – or defence sprays – are designed to be used if an attacker is up close to you and is likely to exact physical harm on you. These sprays – normally pepper sprays. Small, handy and highly effective – they are useful in order to debilitate your would-be attacker long enough for you to make your escape.


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