Beware Of Scam on Shopee

June 12, 2017 at 5:59 pm


BEWARE OF SCAM – Whatsapp Buyer Scam
To all sellers,
Please be informed that this person (juddyehindg) is a scammer! We received his PM through Shopee and contacted him via Whatsapp.


He told us he was in Europe and requested us to post the item to his partner in Sarawak. After providing our payment methods, he informed us he had transferred an overpaid amount of RM400 to our Maybank account (which we didn’t even receive any transaction from them), we even received a transaction statement from a foreign bank via his own gmail, which he custom made the email template himself as you can see from the pictures attached.


This ‘professional’ scammer blocked us when we asked for his account details to check with the bank or we’ll make a police report regarding this.


Shopee Username: juddyehindg
Whatsapp name and phone number: Juddyehidg (+60 111620 2648)
FYI Shopee Malaysia, Scotiabank
7 June 2017
#WhiteEastern #Scam #Shopee #Whatsapp

One response to “Beware Of Scam on Shopee”

  1. Alvin says:

    Scammers everywhere… But the trick he used was so old fashioned! lol

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